Monday, January 16, 2012

Make Your Pedicure Last Longer

One thing I love about pedicures, is they last way longer than a manicure. Unfortunately all good things come to an end and for me the start of the end is when I can see at the base of my pedicure along the cuticles chipping and a grow out line. Why can't the end of one thing be the start of something new.

First I start with french tip polish guides (these are Nailene brand purchased at Walmart), then I covered just what I wanted left behind of my pedicure (btw I used konad stamping plates to create original look found at they are also available at )

Next to compliament the patern I used black nail polish and painted below the polish guides. I was very pleased with the look. I feel like I got a whole new look that honestly I think I like even better and was quicker than redoing all my nails. (sorry about the glar in the photo)

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